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Scribing wheels
In addition to wheels composed of carbide materials for cutting glass. Mitsuboshi Diamond Industrial offers a range of scribing wheels with other materials such as sintered diamond.
This is a highly versatile product group offers a high cutting edge stability and great versatility.



APIO has been developed based on normal scribing wheel and suits to scribe differnt types of glass with improving yield and even higher glass edge strength


Glass Cutters
MDI glass cutters are easy-to-use and highly durable. This group of hand tools with high quality cutting wheels and oil lubrication or other features was the outcome of untiring product development.
Holders with oiled cutting wheels use a “uniflow method” that ensures oil flows out only while cutting. You are assured of a truly sharp cutting edge.

 20150226-8  Bearing

(We offer all kinds of plastic material ,and ceramic material)

20150226-9  Silicone Rubber

Application : LCD module manufacturing process
Explaining: as the anisotropic conductive film / ACF hot pressing cushion to use, aimed at the high-temperature thermal head of the transmission to the ACF to soften the adhesive is cured , and as a pressing head contact cushioning material.

20150226-10  FILTER: CWF Series

 Absolute Gard-PP Absolute Depth
 Micro Clean PP Micro Fiber Pleated Filter
 Micro Fluoro PTFE-Pleated Filter Cartridge
 Ultra Panel Hydrophilic (PES) Pleated Filter
 Capsule Clean Filter Cartridge
 Max-Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge
 Max-Flow High Flow Filter Cartridge

20150313  Clean Roller

(Clean the particle, dirt on the glass or equipment)

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 MS Series

MS series are the long-seller standard X-Y cutting machines for brittle materials in FPD and other industries.

 2150216-2  Special Grinding Machine & Parts

Using Diamond grinding wheel in polishing and drilling irregular appearance of panel or panel of mobile phone, Optical lens, round shape grinding processing….

 20150217-3  Roll to Roll Exposure for Film

Provide film devices such as 3D, Touch Panel, FPC and OLED with single-sided/double-sided exposure . Film is adapted with strip of panel as well as roll panel. EPC control reduce the meandering of film. Optical Alignment realizes highly accurate patterning. Exposure type supports contact and proximity.

 20150217-4  Exposure for TP Process

Large-size Touch Panel Exposure System

Support Touch Panel of G4.5~G.6 thickness, provide the most appropriate mode for ITO、OC1、Metal and OC2 process.
Accurately align faint ITO mark and mark covered with metal, with our own optical equipment and lightings.
Panel Transfer is vertical non-contact, and supports thin panel.


FPD In-line Cutting System

Standard series of TFT inline system for panels up to G6

Evolving from the stand-alone units, the VSS Series is the standard model in automated inline systems for TFT use.

This inline cutting system uses the deep-penetration cutting wheel Pennett®, and achieves high-precision cutting of very-large-scale liquid crystal panels.



Touch Panel laminating machine

Small size Table type (AR/OCA) Film Laminating Machine (Driver by Motor Type)



Touch Panel laminating machine

Small size Table type (AR/OCA) Film Laminating Machine (Driver by Cylinder Type)


Touch Panel laminating machine

Small size Semi-Auto (AR/OCA) Film Laminating Machine




Auto Carry Machines (CONVEYER,AMHS)